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What are we doing here?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Does it feel like we’re tap dancing at the edge of the world while it collapses underneath us? The news is terrible, like next-level bad. It’s as if every disaster movie directed by Michael Bay came vomiting up the toilet as we’re drowsily taking our morning piss. The news is like the vomit enema we never asked for.

And you can’t even take a moment to absorb it, because we still have to act normal. Which means work, and dry cleaning, and car washes, and Sunday dinners with mom that we just can’t get out of (no matter how hard we try).

Ugh - work! Do you know what I would love to see happen? I would love for us to have a National Holiday where workers can say what they actually feel, without any repercussions. It would be like ‘The Purge’ but instead of murders we could say “Eat my ass!” and there would be no threat to our financial livelihoods. Can you imagine what the customer service industry would do? Chairs would go flying, phones would be thrown against walls, emails would go unanswered! Complete, utter, anarchy!

And you have to wonder: how did it come to this? When cavemen were throwing rocks at each other and smelling their armpits for fun, did they have any notion that “civilization” would consist of mankind burning down every natural resource given to them, and spending all their free time serving others? Because that’s what work is, isn’t it? Serving someone else’s needs in exchange for enough money to cover the roof over your head and have Thai take-out 3 times a week. And please don’t give me the bullshit about working for yourself because then you take 40 hours and multiply it by 100.

We could have been a society that choose to lounge by the beach, create beautiful food, and talk about what universal love is. Instead, we’re just exhausted fumes of resentment going through the same awkward motions, praying that tomorrow will be better than today.

They say we can create heaven or hell in our minds. And I believe that I truly do! But it’s difficult to have a heavenly mind while watching our fellow comrades walk through hell. I pray that Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine overcome these unprecedented humanitarian crises.

Actually, I don’t know if “pray” is the right word. Maybe deeply, fervently, hope and wish that famine, war, displacement, hysteria, and poverty is overcome everywhere.

I’ve always been skeptical of a God who just watches as disasters unfold. Like isn’t that what perverts do? People, who just like to watch? I’m not calling God a perv…maybe, a little.

But also if there is a God that is good and benevolent and loving, how could they have trusted us with any of this? Clearly, we are not equipped to run this world! How could they have miscalculated so badly?

Hold your dear ones close. Because it feels like we’re tap dancing at the edge of the world. And if you’re gonna dance, do it with someone you love.

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