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Take Me Away

It’s important to take yourself away from your own life, once in a while. To tuck yourself away on a plane and physically distance yourself from your bills, your responsibilities, your job, your family and your obligations. I love travelling alone. I love disappearing inside of my own head. The only requirement of me when I’m surrounded by strangers is that I’m vaguely polite to them.

The moment the plane pierces through gravity and the world plummets away from under me, I can feel myself becoming physically lighter and letting go of all the burdens I carry. Travel is necessary to our mental well being. Just because we circle around in the reality we live in, doesn’t mean there aren’t other realities out there just waiting to be realized.

The best part of traveling is you can reinvent yourself in the air. If you’ve always wanted to be a lighthearted, easy going soul, well than that’s what you can be. All that awaits you on the other side is sunshine and a good friend. Keep your mind open and your mouth closed, it’s easier to absorb the world that way.

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