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Goodbye For Now....

Dear Readers,

This is dedicated to the solid 5 people who read my blog 😊 You are deeply treasured and I adore you muchly!!!

The last two weeks, I’ve been struggling to come up with content for this blog. And I realized I had nothing to say, because like all of you—I have been quarantined in my house moving from the dining room to the bedroom to the kitchen. And as comfortable as my house is, it is not particularly inspiring.

I probably should explain why I began my little blog. Five years ago, I finished my first novel and it was an amazing experience. I learned that we all carry a story within us (our first love, the relationship with our fathers, that teacher who inspires us, our hardships, our best friends). I had carried the story of my first novel within me, my whole life. I was extremely proud to get it down on paper, but after it was published, it didn’t have the impact that I had dreamed of. And when the book went as far as it was going to go, I felt a little deflated. I was told to just keep writing, plug away at that second novel because that’s the only way I could get better as an author. After the tepid response of my first book, I wasn’t particularly inspired to write a second one. Worst yet, I wasn’t carrying a second novel inside of me---not like the first time around when I was just bursting with things to say.

So, I thought a blog would be my compromise. I could exercise my writing muscle and get the quick gratification of an audience reaction (again you five readers are deeply loved—you know who you are). The blog was also going to force me to leave the house---yes I am a bit of a homebody! I thought having the weekly blog would make me visit various neighborhoods, eateries, and festivals. But then this teeny, tiny global pandemic kind of changed my plans (and turned the world upside down). What was supposed to become a weekly, fun adventure, has instead turned into a bit of a chore.

For my creative people out there, sometimes we create and sometimes we gather inspiration to create. I’m going to take this break to re-charge my batteries, read some books and take some photos. Who knows…maybe five years is long enough, and it’s time I began that second novel? The truth is, I can be a lot more honest and interesting in fiction, than I can ever be in real life.

Be safe. Take of yourself. Take care of those around you. I will be back…I just don’t know when.

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