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The Perils of Positive Thinking

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

We’ve all seen the Insta-Quotes, “Attitude is a choice,” “More smiling, less worrying.” We’re told that if we just think positively, we will reap the rewards of an optimistic mindset. We can manifest the perfect boyfriend, car and job with just the power of our minds and a little elbow grease. But what if things don’t work out in our favor? What if our job has to lay us off? What if we can’t visit loved ones because we don’t want to unintentionally spread a life-threatening virus? Or what if we witness the murder of a handcuffed black man by a police officer who kept his knee on the man’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds? What then? Where do you put the bad feelings? Anger, rage, frustration, and despair are all alarm clocks in our body telling us to get up and pay attention to something important.

It is May 31st, 2020, Minneapolis police precincts have been set ablaze and the U.S. braces for the sixth night of mass protests over George Floyd’s murder. Only one officer has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The other 3 officers present at the scene have been fired, but they have not yet been arrested. The incident has set off worldwide protests in London, Berlin, Manchester, and Toronto. Social media has been buzzing with the hive mentality that apathy only emboldens the oppressor.

Media outlets still can’t distinguish the difference between looters and protesters:

Looters: individuals who are using a national outcry for personal gain and choosing to destroy properties with no thought or regard for others

Protesters: Men, women, and children who are risking their lives to bring awareness regarding injustice and are asking for the eradication of systematic racism.

All of this is happening against the still very real threat of COVID-19 that lies in wait. The virus has already taken 106,000 lives in the U.S. and derailed the economy to the point where over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs as well.

Which means we have no excuse, there is no busy schedule to run off to. Sit down, pay attention, and figure out how to use your voice. Because you do have one. We all have the ability to own the narrative of how this plays out. Not just this injustice but future injustices. You have the means to help:


· Community Justice Exchange’s National Bail Fund Network is a comprehensive network of bail funds throughout the United States.


· Contact Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to demand justice. You can also call his office at 612-673-2100. REACH OUT HERE

· Demand County Attorney Mike Freeman charge the officers with murder by calling him at 612-348-5550.

Positive thoughts are important, but they can only be enforced through positive actions.

Goodnight my friends. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow!

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