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La República Dominicana

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The Dominican Republic is a sugar rush to your senses. The air is thicker, the ocean is bluer, the green leaves gleam and the white sands glisten under the glowing, golden sun. We landed in Punta Cana airport, where my sunglasses became a permanent fixture on my head, as my naked eye could not take in the breathtaking beauty all on its own.

Our all-inclusive resort at the Hilton La Romana was a very pleasant 45 minute drive away from the hustle and bustle of Punta Cana. Upon arrival I took full advantage of the spa and booked a coconut exfoliation and massage. The dead winter skin was sloughed off me and my muscles were kneaded apart and molded back together. I fell deeply in love with my masseuse Carmen and offered to marry her so that I could keep her in my life forever. However, she was already happily married with two grown children and declined my offer.

I left the spa a noodle-like human being and stumbled over to the coffee bar where endless lattes and desserts beckoned me. When they say all-inclusive they mean all da food, all da drinks and all da desserts. I gained a very happy 5lbs during my 7 day stay there.

The Hilton La Romana boasts four restaurants that feature Seafood, Dominican, Mediterranean and Asian menus. There is also a buffet that offers a plethora of items (French, Italian, Dominican meals). If that isn’t enough for you, a 24 hour coffee bar with miniature sandwiches and desserts await you. A swim-up bar that serves food, a regular bar, the executive lounge that houses finger food. And if it’s too difficult to leave your room, there is also unlimited room service. Essentially you will have food coming out of your eyes.

My favorite meals (of course) were Dominican: chimichuri steak; goat stew, beans, fried plantains. And the fruit cannot be missed! Papaya, passion fruit, pineapple and coconut—oof the coconut! There was a coconut spread that I slathered on my pancakes every morning that made my tongue sing.

The boat tour with ScubaCaribe to Saona Island was one of the highlights of my trip. The sun beating down on your shoulders like the warmest of hugs, the white sea-foam dancing around to the beat of the island music. The smattering of English, Spanish, Hindi, and French fluttering through the air from the various passengers. The smell of the tangy salt water and the taste of a solid rum and coke will push away all your worries.

I swam, I slept, I ate. And therein laid all my happiness.

There are vacations you take to go on an adventure, there are vacations you take out of obligation, and then there are vacations you take for sheer pleasure. If you truly want to indulge your senses and rest your weary soul for a bit, take a trip to the Dominican. You won’t be disappointed.

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