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Windy City Reviews



"If you are looking for a fun way to spend some hours this the summer, I highly recommend reading How to Escape an Arranged Marriage in High Heels. I found it to be a fast read, but that might have been because I had a hard time putting it down--" Ed Sarna 

Brown Girl Magazine


"While Kazi’s novel is a light-hearted one, she weaves in witty remarks about the safety net an arranged marriage provides.--" Yesha Maniar

Tale Flick Pick


"The dialogues are also great, and the protagonist's sarcastic views eventually get sharp and really funny. Most characters are really well-developed, including her parents, who seem to have been inspired by real people and the writer's own experiences with her family."

Social and Style - Book Review



"If you love fun, joyful, well-written novels that have a great message – then this book is for you. Maya’s journey will take you on roller coaster of emotions that will leave you thinking about your own decisions.--" Kamana